“Be the change you want to see”


When no one was thinking about a one-stop facility in Kochi for treatment of various developmental disorders and delays, Prayatna came into existence giving complete access to all therapeutic interventions under one roof. Envisioned and established in 2004, by renowned occupational therapist Sri Joseph Sunny, Prayatna now stands as one-of-a-kind institution that aims at bringing the highest standards of expertise and skills in therapeutic and allied health services to make sure it is beneficial to all children who are in need of it. It has carved a niche by focusing on quality and affordable therapeutic care at the hands of dedicated and progressive-minded professionals.


Each child has a unique footprint in this world. While some children grow and develop skills easily, there are some kids who require assistance in their developmental process. Multi-disciplinary approach at Prayatna emphasizes on designing holistic therapy for each child who needs attention and assistance. Prayatna offers safe, reliable and child-friendly atmosphere while employing latest technology both at therapeutic as well as administrative level to the benefit of our clients.


We strongly believe that parents are an integral part of therapeutic process and empower them with the knowledge and skills required to assist their child in his/her development. Prayatna’s success is built upon the quality service and ethical conduct of our staff and the team has been constantly striving to preserve the trust.



“One should never blame a difference, a disability. Our approach should be to channelize the strengths to alleviate the weaknesses.”


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